Robin Hood 9 (vultures) #3/Day12

Hello, Started on piece #3 inspired by the vultures from Robin Hood. Here is my Sunday blocking pass and posing. Still bit behind will try to catch up during next week. More to come tomorrow, stay tuned... Thanks, Marko --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Lilo&Stitch #2/Day8

Day8 of my 30 days sculpt challenge (Lilo&Stitch#2). Some updates on the pose, arms and hands. Aiming to wrap this one tomorrow. Hopefully I'll return to them and spend more time on it. Thanks, -Marko

Little mermaid challenge #1 final entry

Failed on day 2/3/4/5, but found time to jump back on it and try to catch up. I'll call challenge #1 (Little Mermaid) done for now. Rough calculations, 10 hours of work in total went on this sculpt. Aiming to spend more on the ones to come. I hope I'll come back revisit and finish some of the more interesting ideas. As a friend of mine Andrew Doma ( recently mentioned in one of his posts "I set out with a mission to get better at character design (essentially, a large aspect of my job) by doing a few quick designs throughout each week after work." Time to move on part 2 (- Lilo & Stitch #2) Thanks, Marko Turntable: #sculpt #zbrushm #markochulev

30 days of sculpt...

30 days to create 10 digital alien-ish/fantasy creature sculpts based on Disney characters. I grew up on Disney classics and I always wanted to try and re imaging them in different fantasy world. The biggest challenge will be to find and dedicate few hours a day after work hours. Here is a list of some of my favorites that I'll be using as inspiration: - The Little Mermaid #1 - Lilo & Stitch #2 - Robin Hood #3 - Maleficent #4 - Aladdin #5 - Alice in Wonderland #6 - Winner the pooh #7 - Pinocchio #8 - Treasure Planet #9 - Beauty & the Beast #10 - Hercules Thanks, Marko - The Little Mermaid #1/Day 1 My first post here, few hours blocking pass in day 1. Planing to have Urusla from behind wrap