30 days of sculpt...

30 days to create 10 digital alien-ish/fantasy creature sculpts based on Disney characters. I grew up on Disney classics and I always wanted to try and re imaging them in different fantasy world.

The biggest challenge will be to find and dedicate few hours a day after work hours.

Here is a list of some of my favorites that I'll be using as inspiration:

- The Little Mermaid #1

- Lilo & Stitch #2

- Robin Hood #3

- Maleficent #4

- Aladdin #5

- Alice in Wonderland #6

- Winner the pooh #7

- Pinocchio #8

- Treasure Planet #9

- Beauty & the Beast #10

- Hercules



- The Little Mermaid #1/Day 1

My first post here, few hours blocking pass in day 1. Planing to have Urusla from behind wrapping her tentacle around Ariel, will see how much i can squeeze in. I might come back and spend more time on selected sculpts. Still lot to do, need to try something cool with her hair without affecting the the silhouette. Please feel free and drop some comments here, would be great to hear your thoughts.