Little mermaid challenge #1 final entry

Failed on day 2/3/4/5, but found time to jump back on it and try to catch up. I'll call challenge #1 (Little Mermaid) done for now. Rough calculations, 10 hours of work in total went on this sculpt. Aiming to spend more on the ones to come.

I hope I'll come back revisit and finish some of the more interesting ideas. As a friend of mine Andrew Doma ( recently mentioned in one of his posts "I set out with a mission to get better at character design (essentially, a large aspect of my job) by doing a few quick designs throughout each week after work."

Time to move on part 2 (- Lilo & Stitch #2)



Final entry, challenge #1 (Little Mermaid)


#sculpt #zbrushm #markochulev

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